Connex Silver Plus – 5ml

Connex Plus is an air drying bonding agent with AM (anti-mycotic) factor. Connex Plus increases the bonding capacity of all light curing resins. Connex Plus is excellent for very dry and/or brittle nails.  Connex Plus can be used to help prevent nail lifting. Sealants will not stick to the natural nail without another gel beneath them, but newer techs can have a hard time getting a gel close enough to the cuticle without hitting it. Sealant, on the other hand, is thinner and much easier to “paint” near the cuticle. The result, many beginners apply a beautiful coat of Sealant to the nail, but then find it lifting a few days later due to lack of proper adhesion. Solution: Once you have modeled the nail and are about to apply Sealant, apply a thin coat of air drying Connex Plus to the cuticle area. The Connex Plus will provide the adhesion the sealant needs, and since it is not a “gel” it does not matter if a little hits the cuticles!

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