PediFix® PressureOFF™ Customizable Offloading Insole – System 7 Retachable™ – Large Left

1 per pack

This insole is large left

PressureOFF™ Insoles enable targeted offloading of plantar pathologies in your patient’s footwear. The proven ‘removeable pegs’ design – previously available only for post-op and wound-care shoes – helps prevent, relieve and promote healing of dozens of common conditions. System 7 Retachable™ has a Poron® Top, a total thickness of 7.0mm, with offloading of 3.0mm as Retachable™ Poron® pegs. Available in 3 Trimmable sizes for Left or Right foot.

Medium fits up to a ladies 9

Large fits up to a men’s 12

X-Large fits a men’s 13, 14, 15

Offload Factor 3/7 – Retachable Pegs – Poron/Plastazote

7.0mm Total Cushioning

1.5mm Poron

1.5mm Plastazote

1mm Microloop

3mm Poron Pegs

Design Distinctions – Microloop Pegs ( adjust, replace easily as pathologies change ) – Removable Peg Pattern extends nearly to insole perimeter – Poron Pegs may prove most durable


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