PREempt AHP7 Test Strips – 50/Bottle

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide Test Strips are packaged 50 strips in a bottle and are used with PREempt CS20 to determine if the level of hydrogen peroxide is high enough to properly sterilize instruments.

Accelerated Hydrogen Peroxide (AHP) Indicator Test Strips are easy to use dip-and-read reagent strips for a pass or fail determination of hydrogen peroxide concentration in AHP disinfectant solutions for variety of applications.

Dip the strip into the test solution for one second, making sure that the reagent pad is fully wet. Gently shake off the excess solution. Wait for 35 seconds then compare the colour on the reagent pad with the reference colour block. If the colour on the reagent pad is lighter than the reference colour block for a “PASS”, then the concentration of hydrogen peroxide is below the minimum recommended concentration for the AHP solution and should be discarded.

Item: PRE-AHP7

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