BAILEY Tip Therm Diabetic Neuropathy Tester

Bailey Tip Therm Temperature Sensitivity Device 

The Tip Therm aids early diagnosis of distal symmetric neuropathy by testing temperature sensitivity. It is not dependent on a power source and produces consistent results in an ambient room temperature up to 23 degrees.

Failure to perceive variances in temperature in the extremities is the most decisive early symptom of distal symmetric neuropathy, a typical ailment accompanying diabetes mellitus.

Loss of temperature and pain sensation is responsible for most neuropathy diabetic foot lesions. Tip Therm is a simple, reliable and inexpensive screening method for the determination of a disturbed temperature sensation in diabetic neuropathy.

As a vital part of patient education, Tip Therm identifies and informs patients at risk from placing their feet in very hot bath water or over exposure to an internal heat source.

Regular assessment with a Tip Therm can help prevent a patient suffering pain and ulceration in the future and should be a compulsory part of diagnostic protocol for diabetes.

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