IngroPal – Nail Shaving Tool for Ingrown Nails

What Makes The Tiquin’s INGRO-PAL™ Significant?


The unique tapered tip design of the Tiquin’s INGRO-PAL™ is extremely narrow with the shaving blade height being less than a millimeter in thickness (0.8mm/0,03in). This allows the operator the opportunity to easily gain access on the side or underneath the nail edge where most things do not fit as well or don’t fit at all. The precision engineered shaving tooth located on the end of the Tiquin’s INGRO-PAL™ gets to work quickly by manually removing unwanted nail growth with minimal effort. The ability to gently shave away at the nail and reduce it’s size with each pass empowers the operator to have full control over how much material they would like to remove during each treatment.

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High Grade Stainless Steel and Autoclavable with MIFU available

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