LEUKOPLAST Assorted Fabric Dressings -101/Bx

For flexible comfort that stretches with every movement, Leukoplast® Strong is a strong and durable dressing that protects and cushions the wound, providing the practical answer to everyday minor injuries.


  • Minor acute wounds like cuts, lacerations, abrasions
  • After blood drawing or vaccination


  • Lasting and durable adhesive
  • Robust substrate made of 100% cotton
  • Low adherent absorbent wound pad
  • Breathable

Item: BSN-76459-08

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1  X 6cm X 1m                                                                          1  X 2.5cm x 1.5m

12  X 5cm x 7.2cm                                                                15  X 2.2cm x 7.2cm

36  X 3.8cm X 3.8cm                                                            36  X 2.2cm x 3.8cm


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