PPT Metatarsal Bars Large

A Metatarsal Bar is a simple way of getting your foot into the proper alignment when standing, walking or running. This can mean you don’t have to experience ongoing foot pain anymore. A Metatarsal Bar takes the weight off the metatarsal bones which relieves the pain instantly.

  • Can be easily applied to existing insoles.
  • Has a peel away adhesive backing.
  • Can be trimmed and/or shaved for precise fit.
  • Designed to treat an extensive list of foot and gait-related problems.
  • Components are sized to put the protection and cushioning of PPT precisely where it is needed.

PPT® is the #1 medical grade soft-tissue supplement for cushioning, durability and the highest degree of shock absorption. PPT provides the maximum comfort and flexibility.

6 Pairs/Pk

Item: JB81017 (was L406/L)

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