PRE-KLENZ Instrument Pre-Soak

PRE-KLENZ by Steris

PRE-KLENZ combines a surfactant-based gel with corrosion inhibitors so that cleaning of surgical instruments can be initiated at point-of-use.

How PRE-KLENZ Instrument Transport Gel Works

PRE-KLENZ surgical instrument transport gel provides point of use cleaning of surgical instruments. The neutral pH, clear gel is applied on surgical instruments to keep instruments moist and initiate pre-cleaning. Spray PRE-KLENZ evenly over the surgical tray to ensure soils are evenly covered. There is no need to rinse the product prior to automated processing ( ultrasonic cleaner ).

Why PRE-KLENZ Instrument Transport Gel?

  • Productivity – Point-of-use cleaning of surgical instruments makes future reprocessing easier.
  • Safety – Soiled sharps are visible through clear gel. Dispensed gel on surgical instruments reduces potential for exposure to Sterile Processing Department staff due to sloshing or spilling associated with the transport of liquid presoak trays.
  • Instrument/Equipment Protection – The PRE-KLENZ clear gel does not stain surgical instruments. Broad material compatibility does not harm aluminum and other soft metals.


Size: 650ml

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