SoreSpot Silicone Tape 1″ X 5yds

Size: 1″ X 5yds

New SoreSpot® Silicone Tape from PediFix® is a ground-breaking advance for footcare, skin care, scar care, wound care and more, with at least 4 helpful applications for foot specialists:

First, this unique, self-adhering protection for sensitive skin minimizes shear and friction to relieve blisters, corns, calluses and ‘hot spots’, making it ideal for instant conservative care, sports medicine and other skin-saving uses. Gently secures bandages & dressings.  Second, silicone is the most clinically-proven solution for speeding incision healing and improving the appearance of scars, old or new. Third, it creates an occlusive barrier that enhances the penetration of wart topicals for faster results. Fourth and perhaps most valuable, unlike paper and cloth tapes, it releases so gently that it prevents tears and damage to fragile skin upon removal, making it ideal for positioning bandages on elderly and at-risk patients.


Soft, flexible and conforming, SoreSpot® Silicone Tape wraps easily around toes, protects ‘pump bumps’ and bunions, too. The tape is waterproof, so it stays in place through showers and baths, and hypo-allergenic and latex-free, so it won’t irritate skin. Like most PediFix products, it is effective, economical and easy to use. So soothing, users report success also on burns, poison ivy, bug bites and other skin conditions, too.  Tape is perforated.

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