SteriData Logger Paperless Sterilizer Cycle Printer for Midmark M9/M11 (Gen 3)

The SteriData Logger unit is very easy to use.  It sits on top of your sterilizer and plugs in just like a paper printer.  Now, all your cycle data can be silently recorded. After that it can be easily and efficiently uploaded onto your computer. Also, this saves you time, money and frustration!

SD card in the SteriData stores all sterilization cycles.  Each cycle is marked with an electronic key and is saved with a date and time stamp.  So, when cycle data is required, simply insert the SD card into your computer and you will find your cycle files arranged by year, month, date and time. You can also print these files if needed.  Moreover, your practice name and sterilizer serial number can also be programmed into the unit. This will then be included on every cycle file.

How does it work?

The SteriData Logger silently reads the sterilizer cycle information. It records the data to an SD card. Then, it also displays the data and cycle number on the screen during the sterilization process.  The cycle files are saved as  text files on an SD card. Moreover, this data can easily viewed or printed from your computer.

Can I install it myself?

Yes.  It is fairly simple to install this unit. Also, step by step instructions are included.  The SteriData plugs into the same connection same as paper printer.

Is the SD Card Included?


Will it work with my Sterilizer?

This SteriData Logger Model No SD-MID-G3 is compatible with the Midmark Ritter M9/M11 3rd Generation Sterilizers (purchased new since Dec 2019)

How does this Data Logger save me money?

The SteriData can easily save your office hundreds of dollars a year when adding up the cost of paper rolls, ink cartridges and time spent. Also, it will pay for itself quite quickly!

Where does this SteriData Logger mount on the sterilizer?

Once installed the SteriData sits on top of your sterilizer.  Note:  Always position the Data Logger back 2 inches from the front of the sterilizer. As a result, it avoids steam damage.

What is the warranty on the SteriData Logger?

All units are proudly manufactured in Canada. Moreover, it comes with a one year warranty.

Item # SD-MID-G3

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