SUSOL General Purpose Nail Nipper 13cm- 10/Bx

Each single use nail nipper (curved blade, 13cm) is individually wrapped and ready for use. The general nail nippers have silicone grip handles which helps to reduce the shock caused by nail cutting, easing the strain on the hand and the wrist. The super sharp cutting gives you a precise cut every time.

Shock absorbing handles – The soft-grip silicone handles help absorb shock during nail cutting and reduces the stress on the hand and wrist.

Supercut blades – Because the nipper is single-use we are able to hone the blades for sharpness, meaning a sharp cut every time.

Lighter – The nipper is up to 40% lighter than traditional reusable nippers and its steel can be recovered. Less weight means less strain on the hand and wrist.

Concealed spring – Keeping the spring mechanism concealed means increased patient and practitioner safety.

10 per carton.

Item: SS08-0500


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