Vasyli Additions & Placement (Postings) Mixed

***MEDICAL PRACTITIONER’S ONLY*** Vasyli Additions & Placements (Peel & Stick)
**Rearfoot Varus – 2 & 4 degree – Add if the clients arch feels too far forward or feels too high. (start at 2 degrees)

**Forefoot Varus – 2, 4, 6 degrees – Inside Insole

**Forefoot Valgus – 4 & 6 degrees – Outside Insole

**Metatarsal Raise – Top of Insole

**Heel Raise – Available in small, medium and large and the following sizes: 3/16″(4mm), 1/4″(6mm) & 3/8″(8mm)

Available in a Multi-Pak

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A full range of self-adhesive VASYLI orthotic wedges and additions have been designed to assist in creating a better position for the foot structure. The fact is all feet are not the same and often there

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