Wilde Pedique Silver Plus – 10ml / Pastel

This 1 step resin is highly elastic in order to be able to follow the rolling movement of the foot & to avoid pressure on the toe nails. Pedique contains a highly effective antimycotic component, the addition of Silver plus possesses an anti bacterial effect which proves effective with a wide spectrum of micro organisms.

Pedique’s adhesive qualities ensure secure adhesion, even to calloused skin. Pedique is ideally suited for protecting and sealing nail surfaces, leveling grooves and deformations, concealing discolourations, strengthening toenails and sealing ingrown toenail braces.  Pedique is a means to restore all damaged toenails. Containing Piroctone Olamine, an effective and time released anti-mycotic substance, it is proven to continue working even after the product is cured.  Pedique will match any nail type and provide full or partial coverage for even the most unsightly nails.

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