Ultrasonic cleaning uses cavitation, chemistry, time and temperature to effectively remove soils after manual cleaning. The VERIFY Ultrasonic Indicator provides an independent objective test to evaluate the ultrasonic cycle. Problems such as insufficient energy, water level, improper temperature and degassing may have an impact on the results.

The indicator can:

  • Confirm ultrasonic activity throughout the tank
  • Detect chemistry presence to ensure active soil removal
  • Monitor time for successful soil removal
  • Monitor temperature for ideal enzymatic performance

How The VERIFY Ultrasonic Indicator Works

The VERIFY Ultrasonic Indicator reliably and efficiently monitors ultrasonic cleaners and sonic irrigators to confirm optimal sonic performance throughout the tank. It is recommended to place holders in each of the four corners and the center of the unit to monitor throughout the tank.

Why the VERIFY Ultrasonic Indicator?

  • Drives Compliance – monitors the performance of your Ultrasonic Cleaner or Sonic Irrigator
  • Easy to Use and Safe to Handle – synthetic test soil mimics blood and tissues found on surgical instruments and doesn’t require special disposal
  • Realistic Challenge – holder’s design mimics intricate surgical instruments
  • Zone Monitoring – evaluates the entire tank, not only a single section

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